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The foundation for a solid retirement plan starts with understanding how taxes can change over the course of your lifetime.  Brandywine Advisors offers a solution for families, business owners, and retirees to capture valuable information on your tax plan.   Many, many opportunities in planning are missed because the client uses a "McTax program or expensive impersonal CPA firm."  These are useful for that one and done approach.  No planning or understanding the "Big Picture."

What is the BIG PICTURE?

   Well, as you go into retirement, the first major financial change is your TAX return.  This happens NO MATTER WHAT.  If you do not understand the taxes on your Social Security, Medical bills, IRA or 401(k) accounts, RMD's, you are in for a BIG surprise as well as BIG (50%) penalties from the IRS.  Sorry, but Turbo Tax Deluxe does not prepare you for these roadblocks.  Do you think an temp at Liberty Tax has 27 years of IRA planning, wealth management experience, business experience, and conducts local Social Security Workshops in the Brandywine Valley?

  HEADING FOR RETIREMENT?   Do you have any idea if your money should be in an IRA, a Roth IRA, a SEP, a KEOGH? Should you rollover your pension/retirement account?  Should you wait to use your qualified money?  Wait, what is qualified money and why does the government own part of it??


Brandywine Advisors Group offers full service to prepare your current tax return, offers Social Security Workshops, review your Retirement INCOME plan (if you have one), or coordinate your many many retirement accounts to make certain you do not have big IRS penalties coming.  We provide simple solutions to protect or even guarantee your lifetime income with-out Wall Street investments. Are you planning on getting involved in this current Historic ASSET/BOND BUBBLE?  

Give us a call today at (484) 881-8899 to schedule your appointment.  We will be happy to meet with you in our Concord Pike Delaware Office, Parkville, MD Office, or in West Chester, PA.